Marcus Vogt

Marcus Vogt (October 26, 1962, Freiburg) is a German Catholic theologian and professor of social ethics at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich. Marcus Vogt studied theology and philosophy in Munich, Jerusalem and Lucerne. Vogt was the grandson of the Englishman Theodor Spear (1885-1961, University of Königsberg), who had been removed from office during National Socialism …

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Professor Matthew Temple

Genetic scientist, Carmelite order monk, teacher Nazareth College (city of Rochester, USA). In May 2018 prof. M. Temple visited Uzhgorod for the first time, and delivered a series of lectures for Uzhgorod National University students at Uzhgorod National University. These were interesting and relevant lectures, which covered not only the history and prospects …

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Syunik-Development was founded in 1995. The purpose of the organization is to improve, develop and strengthen local communities, especially in Vayots Dzor Province, as well as throughout the Republic of Armenia, and we work in partnership with organizations from around the world. The Syunik NGO also implements cross-border projects in collaboration with our partners in …

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