Coloring book for children: “Adventures of Stepan in Kvadratlandia”

The coloring book was created for children of preschool and primary school age in order to familiarize themselves with the rules of handling household waste. The idea is embodied in the style of especially popular games among children, which helps to involve the child in the process of thinking and acting. In Kvadratlandia, together with the smart boy, Stepan, we look for junk in the environment, find out what threat garbage poses, help residents clean up their own village, learn to properly sort waste, and reduce the amount of plastic in everyday life, as well as get acquainted with the principles of recycling, creating new things from materials that would normally end up in the landfill.

The publication contains exercises for the development of logic, attention, and imagination, as well as motor skills of the hands. The publication is available in four languages: Ukrainian, Hungarian, Romanian, and Roma.

The coloring book was prepared as part of the project “Churches, religious and public organizations for the eco-education of national minorities”, which is implemented by the Interreligious and Environmental Civil Forum of Eastern Europe (IRCEF) (headed by Alexander Bokotey) in cooperation with the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU Bundesverband NABU International) with the support of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Auswärtiges Amt #AA_Kultur), and project manager Ivan Tymofeiev (NABU), project coordinator Nataliya Kulya (IRCEF).

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