Ecological event “I love Ukraine”

On March 24, an ecological event for children of temporarily displaced persons was held on the basis of the training center of the National Pedagogical University named after M. Drahomanov. It was conducted by Lyubov Grechyn, a specialist in the Department of Environmental Education at the Synevyr National Nature Park.

“I love Ukraine” – this was the topic of a meeting attended by 17 children. It’s important now, in difficult times for us, to combine patriotic and environmental issues to form in children a sense of patriotism, dignity, and pride in their country, interesting and unique places created by nature and human hands. But at the same time, to instill in them a sense of responsibility for Creation – Nature.

The children had the opportunity to learn the technique of drawing with the help of applications and to draw with the tools they like: paints, colored pencils, and felt-tip pens.

Each participant had the opportunity to demonstrate their creative abilities, gain new knowledge and skills and have a good time.

The event was held in cooperation with the Interreligious and Environmental Civil Forum of Eastern Europe (IRCEF, led by Alexander Bokotey) with the support of the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU Bundesverband, NABU International), project coordinator Ivan Tymofeiev .https: // -2 /

Informational Service of IRCEF

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