Employees and volunteers of the Institute for Ecological and Religious Studies successfully completed an internship in Germany with the assistance of DBU

DBU – The German Federal Foundation for Environmental Protection annually provides young scientists in Central and Eastern Europe with the MOE-Austauschstipendienprogramm der DBU to gain new knowledge, practical skills, important experience in various scientific fields aimed at protecting the environment and achieving sustainable development goals. The opportunity to do an internship on the basis of a university, research institute, organization or company in Germany for one year is a chance for revolutionary self-development, formation of new ideas, goals, networking, learning about other cultures, traditions, learning and improving the German language. Young scientists who have had the opportunity to undergo such an internship return to Ukraine with a large number of new ideas, solutions, directions, ways to solve a problem and can positively and effectively influence the development of Ukrainian society.

Employees and volunteers of the Institute for Environmental and Religious Studies have successfully completed an internship in Germany with the assistance of DBU:

  1. Natalia Kulya “Sustainable tourism in national parks. Germany – Ukraine. Transfer of experience “, LMU, Munich (2015-2016).
  2. Vitaliy Bezverkhnya “The regional dimension of Germany’s energy transformation: a study of best practices in Baden-Württemberg in the field of renewable energy policy for implementation in Transcarpathia (Ukraine)”, Institute for Interdisciplinary Research, Heidelberg (2016-2017).Возможно, это изображение (1 человек, стоит, верхняя одежда, обувь, дерево и на открытом воздухе)
  3. Ivanna Lavrentieva “Transfer of the German experience in climate change. Measures to adapt the agricultural sector of the Upper Tisza region (Ukraine) “, LMU, Munich (2015-2016).Возможно, это изображение (1 человек и улыбается)
  4. Natalia Lavrentyeva “Modeling of scenarios for measuring water quality in the upper Tisza River basin in the conditions of transformation processes in Ukraine”, LMU, Munich (2015-2016).Возможно, это изображение (1 человек и улыбается)
  5. Yuri Vasko “Residents of Church Towers”, NABU, Berlin (2017-2018).
  6. Ivan Timofeev “Beech virgin forests of the Carpathians and old beech forests of Germany, their expansion and adaptation to tourism through communication”, NABU, Berlin (2018-2019).
  7. Solomiya Gordasevych “Ecological observation in the forests of nature reserves of Transcarpathia (implementation of the German experience in the Ukrainian Carpathians)”, Eberswald University of Sustainable Development, Department of Forestry and Environment (2018-2019).
  8. Borys Beznoshchenko “Involvement of the Northern Church in Germany in climate protection”, Environmental Bureau of the Northern Church (2018-2019).
  9. Natalia Dyman “Peculiarities of working with climate issues in youth communities as part of the formation of environmental awareness of young people”, NABU, Berlin (2019-2020) and  Forschungstätte der Evangelischen Studiengemeinschaft, Heidelberg.
  10. Vladislav Yurosh “Assessment of environmental, social and economic criteria on the example of water resources of the Transcarpathian region”, NABU, Berlin (2019-2020).