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Ecological fairy tale: Bats

An ecological fairy tale, authored by Nataliya Humen-Bilanych, was created for children of preschool and primary school age with the aim of a more thorough, but also more interesting introduction to ecology. This book is about bats and their benefits to nature and people. Children can learn about the unusual

Coloring book for children: “Adventures of Stepan in Kvadratlandia”

The coloring book was created for children of preschool and primary school age in order to familiarize themselves with the rules of handling household waste. The idea is embodied in the style of especially popular games among children, which helps to involve the child in the process of thinking and


 We bring to your attention the Church-ecological calendar of the Roman Catholic Church, which is dedicated to ecological holidays and events in Ukraine and around the world, aimed at preserving the environment and all the holidays of the Roman Catholic Church Year. The issue of protection and preservation of the


JANUARY January 1 is International Peace Day January 6 - Consecration of Cretaceous, Incense and Water on Feast of Epiphany (Roman Catholic Rite) On the feast of Epiphany, water, incense, and chalk are sanctified as elements of inanimate nature. These sanctified substances are then used for the various needs of

Information banner about the dangers of plastic wreaths and flowers in cemeteries

Foto: Information stand about the dangers of plastic wreaths and flowers in cemeteries  

Collection of Prayers for the Preservation of the Environment Byzantine-Slavic Rite (in Church-Slavonic)

The publication attempts to gather some of the prayers, psalms, biblical and liturgical texts, prayers of the Byzantine-Slavic rite, under the responsibility of God's Creation. We believe that these spiritual texts will be useful for the development of Christian environmental awareness and the community movement for environmental protection. We believe

Energy Efficiency and Environmentally Friendly Energy from a Christian Responsibility for Creating

The collection contains the materials of an international scientific seminar, which took place with the active participation of leading representatives of the spiritual and secular parts of society on an ecumenical basis. The materials collected relate to the major problems of today, both Ukraine, Eastern Europe, and the world at

Our commitment to creation: to encourage responsible use of energy

Published under the project Responsibility for Creating in Ukraine: Interdisciplinary and Ecumenical Exchange of Sustainable Energy Experience with the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU, Munich, Germany) and with the financial support of the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU, Germany, Osnabruck). "Our Commitment to Creation: Promoting Responsible Energy Use" coincided with a broad

Environmental ethics – The place of man in nature

This book is a compilation of currentdiscussion papers on environmental ethics in Germany and Europe. The book is divided into three parts. The first deals with the topics of the future nature in terms of tasks social and social and political responsibility. It is about how significant nature can be

The Church and the Environment: European Experience and Ukrainian Perspectives

The materials of a unique ecumenical conference on environmental protection are given. Both domestic and foreign experience of positive developments and shifts in the work to improve the environment of the Church and in the Church are presented. For environmentalists, ecclesiastical and environmentalists, environmental bishops' assistants, NGO activists, faculty and

Commission on Ecology of the Conference of Roman Catholic Bishops of Ukraine

Commission of the Conference of Roman Catholic Bishops of Ukraine on Tourism, Ecology and Migrants Established on November 5, 2003 in Lviv, at the 23rd Conference of Bishops, Minutes 6. The chairman of the Commission is Bishop Antal Maynek. - November 5, 2008 at the 32nd Conference of the Bishopric

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