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Benefits of National Parks: Successful examples of community activities in national parks (guidelines and materials)

The guide presents recommendations for adapting to the new environmental conditions in which local communities were found in the territories of Synevyr, Uzhan National Nature Parks and Enchanted Territory National Nature Park in 2019 through the development of sustainable tourism in the region. The guide takes into account German and

Responsible for Creating and Protecting the Climate of Eastern Europe

The compilation presents the best work by participants in the International Responsibility for Creating and Protecting the Climate of Eastern Europe, held in Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus to preserve and spread conscious Christian responsibility for the God-created world. In the creative works, the participants reflected and conveyed their attitude to

Climate protection measures by religious and territorial communities (methodological recommendations and materials)

This guide presents the basics of climate protection activities addressed to religious community activists, priests, NGO members, and environmental movements to work together on local community responsibility for Creation. The manual summarizes the Western experience of the Church's involvement in climate protection, adapting it to patrimonial conditions. Environmental, theological and

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