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Projective tolerance as a path to peace

This publication is the result of cooperation between the Department of Christian Ethics of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and the Institute for Ecological and Religious Studies and aims to substantiate the understanding of tolerance based on Christian socio-ethical teachings and to explore the mechanisms of tolerance in Ukrainian

Responsibility for Creation and Sustainable Development in Central and Eastern Europe: The Experience of Poland and Ukraine

Collection of materials from the International Scientific and Practical Ecumenical Conference, initiated by the Roman Catholic Episcopal Conferences of Ukraine and Poland. A number of topical and critical issues of today, linked to the responsibility for creation and sustainable (environmentally balanced) development in Central and Eastern European regions, have been

Orthodox ecological theology and environmental protection

It is intended for theologians of different denominations, teachers and students of religious schools, pastors, catechists, and teachers of Christian ethics, as well as anyone interested in the Church's environmental mission and who seek to know and fulfill his vocation more deeply - to be a good pastor. During the

Responsibility for the Creation and Sustainability of the Upper Potysse

The collection contains materials from an international scientific and practical seminar initiated by the Roman Catholic Bishops' Conferences of Ukraine and Hungary. The materials relate to the joint search for solutions to the spiritual and educational parts of the Upper Potissas environmental society. The ideas of proposals of representatives of

Seeing God’s Creation with New Eyes: A Prayer for the Sustainability of the Environment

The publication attempts to gather some of the prayers, psalms, biblical and liturgical texts, prayers concerning the responsibility for creation - nature. We believe that these spiritual texts will be useful for the development of Christian environmental awareness and will be of use to the social movement for the conservation

“Climate change: the focus of global, human and environmental justice.”

The publication contains experts' opinion on the challenge of global climate change. Opening Address of the President of the Conference of Bishops of Germany. Published in the framework of the project "Responsibility for Creation in Ukraine: Interdisciplinary and ecumenical exchange of experience in the field of sustainable energy and creation

The principle of sustainability. Sketch from the standpoint of the theological and ethical perspective

The translation of the monograph was carried out in the framework of the project "Institute for Ecological and Religious Studies: Scientific Foundations, Interfaith Communication and Pedagogical Principles of Christian Environmental Ethics" (UKR 19416) in collaboration with Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU, Munich, Germany) and with the financial support Freising, Germany). 27-426:

Social-Darwinism. Scientific theory, political and theological-ethical aspects of evolutionary theory. Monography by Prof. Vogt (LMU, Munich). Translation into Russian language

The book, translated into Russian, reproduces the text of a doctoral monograph by Professor M. Fogt (University of Ludwig Maximilian) published by Herder Publishing House (Germany) in 1994. It is intended for specialists in the field of philosophy, sociology, biology, ecology, history, pedagogy, as well as for students of higher

Tolerance at the borders of Europe: a dimension for Ukraine

The edition presents the reports of the international scientific conference "Tolerance at the Borders of Europe: Measurement for Ukraine", which presents the results of the exchange of experience between Germany and Ukraine on the implementation of innovative projects in the educational sphere, aimed at forming political, ethnic and religious tolerance,

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