Non-standard class for IDPs and students of TRENCSY

The teachers of the Ecological center Oksana Kremin and Iryna Katrych with IDP children and students of TRENCSY conducted an unusual lesson-thinking in nature continuing the traditions started by the great Teacher Vasyl Sukhomlynskyj. After all, the nature of the native land pleases our eyes with its charming beauty and variety of colors. “Classes in nature are trips to the sources of living thought, during which students read the pages of the most wonderful book in the world – the book of nature,” – wrote V.O. Sukhomlinsky.

The event was held in order to deepen children’s knowledge about the flora and fauna listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, the development of observation, and education of respect for nature. Today, spring is blooming, which allows not only to admire the amazing world around but also to develop the observation of students. Ms. Oksana acquainted young naturalists with the history of the Red Book and the representatives that are included in it. The children supplemented the teacher’s story with their knowledge of rare plants and animals in our region.

They discussed the question: “What factors have a devastating effect on flora and fauna?”, and they made the conclusion that this is a human activity. Yes, all endangered species are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. It is known that the Red Book of Ukraine is an annotated and illustrated list of rare species and subspecies that are endangered in Ukraine. This book addresses people with the words, “Stop! Think about what you are doing and what it will lead to… ”

Oksana Kremin, head of the Department of Organizational and Mass work of TRENCSY

The tasks which were prepared by teachers were interesting and informative. During the game “Traffic light” the teacher read the statement. If the children agreed with it, then – raised green cards, if partially agreed – yellow, if the statement, in their opinion, is not true – red. The participants also solved the crossword puzzle “Take care of us”, answered the questions of tests, and an intellectual quiz, and deciphered the environmental slogan “One country – a big family – a responsible person”.

The greatest fascination for children was the observation of birds with binoculars, which makes it possible to see a far concealed bird. The children determined the name of the object they were observed under the guidance of Iryna Katrich. We were able to identify the following birds by sound and appearance: coot, little bittern, magpie, sparrow, great tit, and had the opportunity to meet with a brood of small mallards. It was fascinating to watch the mute swans hidden in reeds, probably hatching their babies.

On the way back they were enchanted by fluffy balls of dandelions, which filled the whole lawn. The children immediately began to shake them, knowing that this fluffy parachute – the seed of this plant multiplies. After all, now is their time. The final stage of the class was a discussion of the importance of the Red Book flora and fauna. The children were once again convinced that nature should not only be admired but also protected. It is the duty of every conscious citizen. Let’s be responsible!

The event was held in cooperation with the Transcarpathian Regional Ecological and Naturalistic Center for Students Youth (TRENCSY) with the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies- IERS (headed by Alexander Bokotey) with the support of the German Nature Conservation Union (#NABU), project coordinator Ivan Tymofeiev.

Informational Service of IERS

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