Preschool’s participation in Stagy Quiz

The Transcarpathian Academic Regional Puppet Theater with the poster name “BAVKA” has its own symbol and its own character. Doll “Bavka” often meets with children before the performance and conducts the so-called “BAVKA SCHOOL” on various topics.

This time, Bavka along with the other actor, held a theatrical eco-quiz “GET TO KNOW NATURE” with the young audience in a playful way. The children happily guessed the puzzles, and played the game ” These things happen or not ” like: rain in summer, dew in winter, frost in spring, fog in autumn, a blizzard in summer, and hence, learning to give much love and respect to all living beings such as animals, birds, and insects.

Afterward, they watched the puppet show “How the Hedgehog and the Children Saved the Goose”, where the wonderful world of summer adventures in nature was revealed.

The event was held as part of a series of activities initiated in collaboration with the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies (IERS) IERS (headed by Alexander Bokotey) and the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU Bundesverband NABU International ), project coordinator Ivan Tymofeiev.

Informational Service of IERS

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