Quest “Migratory Birds” in Uzhhorod Castle

Bird migration is the annual movement of birds over relatively long distances due to seasonal changes in ecological, foraging conditions or breeding characteristics from the nesting area to the wintering area and back. During their journey, birds cross seas, oceans, mountains and deserts.

World Migratory Bird Day is celebrated every year on the second Saturday and Sunday in May. This year it is May 14-15th. On the eve of the holiday, researchers of the Transcarpathian Regional Museum of Local Lore named after T. Lehotskyj organized an educational quest for children “Migratory Birds”, which was attended by students of the 6th grade of Uzhhorod Secondary School №8 (class teacher Natalia Gavrosh) and children of IDPs. They quickly made friends, after that were divided into 5 teams, and then did various tasks at stops.

During the game, they learned what birds migrate through the Transcarpathian region, and who are flying to warmer regions only to spend the winter, and then return to the nest, which can be seen here during the year. In the office of the Nature Department, they helped the birds to find their home and thus learned about the variety of nests and materials used by birds. The greatest surprise was caused by the “glove” of Remez. In the yard, a photo revealed that the birds that fly over the Uzh River near the pedestrian bridge and everyone call them seagulls are actually Larus, and seagulls in Ukraine do not look like that at all. Proverbs about birds were mentioned in the library, birds were identified by descriptions in the park, and in the courtyard, children answered questions in one word, “true” or “false.”

After all the tasks were completed, the total points of each team were calculated and the winners were determined. There were “Ukrainochki” and “Normal team”. They scored the same number of points. In the second place “WIN = Cossacks”, and in third place – “Ukrainians” and “Bandera”. The students applied the acquired knowledge in practice, observing the birds of the castle park. They also promised to observe the birds near their homes over the weekend.

The event was held in cooperation with the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies- IERS (headed by Alexander Bokotey) and the German Nature Conservation Union (#NABU), project coordinator Ivan Tymofeiev.

Informational Service of IERS

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