Rescue of a bird of prey – Eurasian hobby

On September 25, another fosterling appeared in the Berehovo volunteer center “Everybody can help” – it’s a large Eurasian hobby. Ms. Oksana Stets from Verkhniy Koropets found an injured bird near her house. She received professional recommendations on what to do in such a case after having turned to the “Free Wings” bird rehabilitation center for help:

– limit the movement of birds by placing them in a cardboard box;

– find out the species;

– try to feed with appropriate treatment;

– show to a specialist in order to provide emergency care.

Having learned about the bird, the volunteers of our center, led by the expert of the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies (in cooperation with NABU Bundesverband NABU International) Leonid Pokrytyuk, immediately took the injured bird under his care. A fractured wrist was revealed by a veterinarian in a thorough examination.

The Eurasian hobby was placed in a safe place, fixing the wing with masking tape by following the recommendations of specialists. The bird immediately became a favorite of adults and children.

Informational Service of IERS

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