Silhouette of a barn owl on the eco-bags

The eco-bags were painted with the silhouette of a barn owl, which is the rarest species of owl in Ukraine. At the beginning of the 20th century, barn owls were nesting in the western and central regions. The results of the loss of nesting place are:

– due to the destruction of old buildings, reconstruction and modernization of churches (windows are covered with nets);

– due to death in the season of frosty, snowy winters;

– from predators;

– due to the use of toxic chemicals in agriculture;

– due to death on the roads (owls find it convenient to hunt rodents that cross the freeway) — the species is on the verge of extinction!

Approximately 30 pairs nest in Ukraine where most of them found a shelter in Transcarpathia. A joint project of the Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds and the German Nature Conservation Union NABU Bundesverband for the preservation of the nesting population of the barn owl in Ukraine is ongoing. Webcams have been installed in Berehyvo district where you can watch all these cute creatures and their routine.

(Schleiereulen-Webcam – NABU; Sowy SOS – Płomykówka in Ukraine; Berehovo Public Center “Everyone Can Help” – June 15, 2022).

The event was held as part of a series of creative actions initiated in cooperation with the Institute for Ecological and Religious Studies IERS (headed by Alexander Bokotey) and the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU Bundesverband NABU International ), project coordinator Ivan Tymofeiev.

Informational Service of IERS

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