The earth is our home! We will live in it!

The whole world celebrates World Earth Day- the day of our cozy home together on April 22nd. The main purpose of this global action is to draw the attention of society in general and each person in particular to the problems of the Earth and the environment.

Every inhabitant of the planet can make a small contribution to the protection of the environment: clean the area around your home or school, plant at least one tree, and give up using a car for at least a day.

The teachers of the Transcarpathian Regional Ecological and Naturalistic Center for Students Youth conducted an ecological quest for World Earth Day, during which participants – children of IDP and youth of the center had the opportunity to feel like little masters of the Earth and demonstrate their knowledge on the eve of this important holiday.

Oleksandr Gerevych, director of TRENCSY, told about the history of the holiday and pointed out the need to preserve the natural resources of our beautiful planet. The teams demonstrated awareness of the rules of environmental behavior, intelligence, observation, and passed the quest stops quickly.

At the stop “Rules of environmental behavior” children set up the basic rules, following which, each of us can become a “person who protects” – nature, ourselves, loved ones, humanity. At the next stop, participants were asked to draw a security sign that would remind them of proper behavior in nature, and explain the idea of ​​their drawing.

The deciphered statement of the leader of the extinct Cree Indian tribe made young conservationists think about what Man left on the planet: “Only when the last tree is cut down, the last river is poisoned and the last fish is caught, a white man will understand that money cannot be eaten…”. The conquest of nature by man leads to air and water pollution, soil destruction, destruction (destruction) of forests, extinction of many species of plants and animals.

Participants had the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of the flora of the ecological center at the last stop – “Plants of the ecological center”. The young searchers had to find the marked trees and bushes using the map, and identify and write down their names. Despite the anxieties and efforts to get through the eco-quest as soon as possible, all teams coped well with the tasks and demonstrated good knowledge and skills to work in a team.

The event ended with a flash mob “Earth is our home”. Participants recited wonderful lines, which are a kind of slogan of Earth Day.

Remember forever –

Take care of your homeland!

This is your land and country,

Our Motherland!

We will plant birches and maples around.

May our land flourish and be green.

We will clean our land of rubbish

And we will have a great and healthy life!

The earth is our home,

We will live in it!


XXI century… What will it be like for us, the inhabitants of the planet Earth? It’s up to us. We are with you – only a part of nature, the laws and rules which we must follow in everyday life. Not to rule over nature, but to cooperate with it, to be not the king of nature, but its integral part.

The earth is a great gift, the resources of which will be impossible to use forever. We will not be able to save the planet by mentioning it only once a day – this is clearly not enough. That’s why we should take care of the environment that surrounds us throughout the year. It should be noted that the youth and teachers of the ecological center take an active part in various environmental activities during the year, taking care of the environment.

Velychkanych Olga, Head of the Department of Biology and Research and Experimental Work

The event was held in cooperation with the Transcarpathian Regional Ecological and Naturalistic Center for Students Youth with the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies – IERS (headed by Alexander Bokotey) with the support of the German Nature Conservation Union (#NABU), project coordinator Ivan Tymofeiev.

Informational Service of IERS

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