We need pure air!

At a time when a person can live without food for forty days, without water for seven, without air – only a few minutes. We need it for life more than anything else. Trees help us to keep the air pure: they absorb the excess carbon dioxide and enrich it with the oxygen we need. Trees help remove dust and bacteria and have healing properties. The useful functions of forests and rules of behavior in nature were discussed during the ecological and educational event, which took place near the Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin in the mountain village of Synevyrska Polyana (Khust region).

The event was dedicated to International Climate Day. It’s no coincidence that the conversation focused on forest-related topics. It’s the ecosystem that plays an important role in climate stabilization. According to scientists, one deciduous tree can absorb more than twenty kilograms of carbon per year. Other useful properties of the forest were discussed, including the fact that eighty percent of terrestrial biodiversity is concentrated in these ecosystems.

The children learned how to behave in the forest so as not to harm him with the help of an interactive exercise “Yes – no”. Each participant showed creativity and good knowledge of nature and behavior in the forest. The event was held accessible to young people with the use of exercises that helped to better acquire new knowledge.

Each participant received a “trophy” cone of mountain pine (this tree was also mentioned during the action) and an interesting book with an ecological story “Under the Owl’s Wing”, authored by a talented Uzhhorod writer Natalia Humen-Bilanych after the class. The Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies would like to thank Father Mykhailo Kostak, pastor of the Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin in the village of Synevyrska Polyana, for assistance in organizing the event.

The event was held in cooperation with the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies- IERS (headed by Alexander Bokotey) and the German Nature Conservation Union (#NABU), project coordinator Ivan Tymofeiev.


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