Weekdays of the volunteer center: bird care

The day of a nature-loving volunteer from the Berehovo volunteer center “Everybody Can Help”: Leonid Pokrytyuk (expert of the Institute of Ecological and Religious Studies) and other volunteers begin with feeding birds (a pair of storks, a little owl, a rook and Eurasian hobby) rodents (Djungarian hamsters, fancy rats, mouse) and maintaining proper conditions for Zophobas and mealworms (birds’ favorite treats). Moreover, these daily responsibilities fall pleasantly on the shoulders of the cheerful Mr. Stanislav (storks), ornithologist Leonid, and the “all-knowing” Mrs. Tatiana (rodents).

“We had several events,” says Leonid, ” the stork – Baidi made its first independent flight, leaving the territory of the volunteer center. After some time, the white stork landed on a familiar street – Bethlen, where we found a stork. Obviously, this is not the last aerial journey of Baidi, so we call on the residents of Berehovo, if you find a stork in your yard, report it to the volunteer center (Bethlena str., 1) or by phone 0509359541. The hobby’s fixation bandage was removed and now it can fly.  The bird will be placed in a large aviary from a small cardboard box, where it will restore the ability to fly. Our favorite big hawk died. Despite our efforts and the instructions of an experienced veterinarian from the “Free Wings” bird rehabilitation center, the bird could not be saved🙁”

Thanks to the daily hard work of volunteers, these God’s Creations have another chance at life.

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